Thursday, October 25, 2012

We got Boo-ed

I read about "Boo-ing" on Pinterest this year and immediately thought the idea sounded so fun! You leave some Halloween goodies on two of your neighbors front porches and ring their doorbell and run away. Then they put a little ghost sign in their window to let everyone know that they have been "boo-ed" and they pass along the fun to two more neighbors! How fun! I have been on the lookout for ways to reach out to my neighbors and to build community within our neighborhood and when I saw this idea I thought it sounded perfect... But, then laziness got the better of me and I never got it going... {insert self loathing here}. BUT! Someone else in my neighborhood started it {bless them!} and last night we got Boo-ed! Woo hoo!

We weren't home last night so I didn't hear the doorbell but I did see a cute little basket full of Halloween goodies on my front porch this morning! I was actually on my way to Wal-Mart anyway so the timing was perfect and I was able to get the goodies to "Boo" some neighbors tonight!

I thought I would share what I put together in case you needed a little inspiration to "Boo" some of your own neighbors! And you can go to and print out the little instructions! How easy is that?
 I got some cheap-o Halloween pumpkin buckets at the Mart for $1, added some tissue paper for a little added festiveness... and then stuffed them with some things I found in the Halloween section. Topped it all of with some candy and some plastic bat rings! (The ghost is a little candle holder)
 I mean, who wouldn't want to open up their front door to one of these little guys?


  1. We basically did that same thing only on May Day. It was a tradition I carried over from childhood. Unfortunately, our neighbors didn't get in on the fun, but my kids sure did enjoy delivering it.

    We have initiated an annual culdesac BBQ on our street to get to know our neighbors and build community. I too think it is important. I think creating relationships with your neighbors also creates safety as you can always look out for each other.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I forgot about May Day! I might have to do those this year! we have had a lot of drama in our neighborhood with the homeowner's association and it has kind of left a bad taste in everyone's mouth. I am hoping fun things like this can help everyone turn over a new leaf and make our neighborhood a fun place to live!