Monday, October 15, 2012

Sophie's room gets simplified

Several weeks back I wrote about how I was really wanting to scale back on my kiddo's toys and have a little more simplicity around our home. Sophie's room was one of the first projects that I tackled.

She has a lot of "little things" that can make her room get really messy really fast. I did a large overhaul of her room and we got rid of a lot. I decided to use one of my little cube shelves from Target to store the majority of her toys. She also has a kitchen, a few baby doll things (crib, highchair, etc.), and a big Princess/Barbie house. Everything else that is hers is on this shelf. She probably still has a little more than I would like but this has been scaled back by about half, so I must say I am pretty pleased!

Today I decided to add some labels to ensure that we keep things where they need to go!

Ahhh... I am feeling better already. And yeah... could her room BE anymore pink? We sure love our girly girl!

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  1. Every time I take out a load of stuff to goodwill it's almost as if I hear my house breathing a big sigh of relief because it can breath again. Love that feeling. Good job Mama!