Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sick boy :-(

Our sweet Max is battling an icky respiratory infection right now. ICK! I feel so sorry for him. He gets them all winter long and they are just miserable. Our doc said it is super common in babies born early. So, basically any allergies or colds he gets go straight to his lungs. It is hard because he is fine during the day and then as soon as he lays down at night he starts coughing and coughing and can barely breathe. Thankfully we have a nebulizer machine and we give him breathing treatments which helps a lot but some nights it still isn't enough. Tonight is the third night in a row that he is up, unable to sleep. Please pray for him to get better soon! I hate seeing my little man not feeling well... and we could all use a little sleep!

Here is a sweet picture from this morning... Max and Daddy sleeping on the couch. (And yes, my husband is rocking a Snuggie in this picture!)

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  1. Poor Max! It is so stressful to hear that coughing. Is he on any asthma maintenance meds? We put Luke on Pulmicort last fall (now on Flovent) and it has helped him so much. We hardly ever need the albuterol any more.

  2. we'll be praying that max feels better soon! that is the sweetest picture EVER of nick and max. too cute. :)

  3. Poor Max - but I love the pictures of Mr. R. and the Snuggie!