Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Turkey Day is almost here!

It is almost Thanksgiving and I am starting to get REALLY excited! We invited our sweet friends, The Yevoli family to join us for dinner and I am so excited! Natalie, Deron, and Colin are such a wonderful family and we are so thankful to have them as our friends! So, I guess it makes sense to have Thanksgiving with them! Ha! Natalie and Deron's family is all in New Mexico and since our family is abandoning us traveling this Thanksgiving it will be great to celebrate together! Natalie and I kind of split up the menu. I am doing the turkey which makes me a little nervous! I made it last year and it was delicious but I feel the pressure! I just love Thanksgiving!

This past weekend was a really great one! My friend Christina, who recently started selling Premiere Jewelry came and had a little party for me and some of my friends and family! It was super fun! And I got lots of free jewelry! Even better! After the party Nick and I (and Jack!) got to go out to dinner with Christina and Wyatt and it was so fun! Since we have like a million kids between us we haven't gotten to go out as adults in forever! It was a WONDERFUL time! We are so blessed by the Jenkins!

Well, I better start dinner. Does anyone else find it hard to cook the days leading up to Thanksgiving? Ha!

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