Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

I hate to say it but we "survived" Easter this year. With three kiddos taking turns with a stomach bug it was just not quite what we had planned. I feel kind of like a bad mom. We didn't do our Resurection Rolls for breakfast or even dye Easter eggs. However, all things considered I think our Easter was pretty great. We celebrated with our family which was priceless. I am so glad my mom offered to host this year because if I had done it... well, it might not have happened. So, I thank my mom for making our Easter special this year because I sure didn't have my act together!

Here are our sweet little R's on Easter morning 

 Max trying to find the "good stuff"

Realizing that this was "the good stuff". We had to have a little talk about how Easter isn't really a "present" holiday and we need to be thankful for whatever we get. Ha!

 Jack Jack's first Easter!

 After Max cheered up again he offered to be our photgrapher!

The men in my life <3 They look so handsome in their purple!

 My girl. So thankful I have someone else in the family to even out all the testosterone!

My baby.  The transition to three kids has been HARD but he makes it all worth it!

Our family on Easter. This photo isn't quite what it looks like. We just realized Jack had a blow out diaper, Soph didn't want to be in the picture, and I was loosing my cool FAST!

 Jack in a clean diaper checking out his Easter gifts from Grandma! Mom feeling better! :-)

 Auntie with her nephew! (Notice the hubs in the background... his shirt did not make it out of the blow out incident unscathed!)

 Time for an egg hunt (my oldest said he needed a gun for the egg hunt... not that kind of hunt, Sweetie)

The kids gave up hunting eggs pretty quickly but when I learned there was money in the eggs and no one else jumped at getting them I was all for it! I made $8.50! Starbucks here I come!

And of course there was ah-mazing food! My mom is a fabulous cook and she really went all out! I am so thankful! Now, I better get back to my sick kiddos. We are having a post-Easter lounge around day hoping to get EVERYONE healthy and NOT throwing-up!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter! I am so thankful that the only part of Easter that really matters is that Jesus is RISEN and he is alive today and working through me. Because of His grace it is okay that I didn't make a perfect family holiday happen! Praise Jesus!


  1. I LOVED seeing the progression... SO cute!
    By the way, you are looking smokin' hot!! :)
    Glad your Easter was good! And you made money!!! WHOO-HOO!

  2. Sweet friend, I didn't have sick kids and we didn't do many Eastery things either! You all looked so cute (and you looked supah skinny!) in your coordinating outfits. Love the R family!!!