Friday, April 15, 2011


Okay... so are you all on Pinterest? It is sooo addicting. Like, for me, worse than Facebook addicting. You know when you are browsing online through websites or blogs and you see a really cute outfit and you think, "I would love to wear something like that sometime?" But then, you forget about it and you never get around to remembering the site you saw it again and you just cry and cry and cry... No? Is that just me? Ahem, anyways! So, with Pinterest you can "pin" that pretty outfit and put it on a "board" so that you can easily link back to it whenever you want to see it again. And you can make a board for any category! Style inspiration, house inspiration, ideas of things you want your husband to buy you for holidays (okay, I don't have that category yet but it is not a bad idea!) And one of the COOLEST things about it is that you can "follow" people and look at their boards. So, if you think someone has really great style you can see the picutres that inspire them! I am loving it!

Shoot me an e-mail (KatieLRamsey at gmail dot com) if you want an invite and I will send you one so that you can get started obsessing wasting your time finding inspiration! Oh, and if you want to see my boards go here

P.S. I kind of hope the hubs doesn't see this blog post before leaving work today or he will know why the house is still a mess and no laundry has been done today! Oops... love you Babe ;-)

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