Friday, April 29, 2011

I like this day.

Today has been such a good day so far. I would rarely say that about a day that began at 4:45 but this day really is good. Jack Jack woke me up to eat and the timing was really perfect because I wanted to watch William and Kate's wedding anyway! I had so much fun watching the wedding (I did doze off a little bit during the ceremony, but still, loved it!) She looked so beautiful and it was so special to watch a part of history "live". I wasn't born yet when Princess Diana married Prince Charles but I always loved hearing other people's stories about watching it so I didn't want to miss out on my chance. I am glad I didn't. It was very special!

Nick hung out for a while this morning because he is working late today and it was so fun to have him home with us. He usually leaves for work before the kids get up so it was fun to have him here for breakfast. He even stayed until it was time to get the kids in the car to go to the gym! It was very helpful!

I went to step class at the gym this morning which was fun but my muscles were having a hard time keeping up!

We came home this afternoon and the kiddos and I had a Dierburg's frozen pizza for lunch. Did you local people know that Imo's makes their pizzas?? I just discovered this! Plus they were on sale this week for 3/$11! A great deal for Imo's whenever you want!

The kiddies and I are going to go out to my mom's to hang out for a little while this afternoon. Nick is getting to be a part of SharePoint Saturday in St. Louis this weekend so he will be gone this evening and all day tomorrow. We will miss him but I am SO proud that he and his co-worker were asked to present at the conference! He is such a hard worker and I am so excited that his hard work is being noticed! I am a very proud wife!

Here are a few pics of those crazy little R's lately...

Soph enjoying her new Toy Story set that Grandma and Grandpa got her for Easter

Max asked me to take a picture of the cows he built

I caught Soph digging in my purse

her accomplice

doing a puzzle together without fighting

Sophie dressed up her baby brother

these two are starting to bond and it makes me very happy!

a rare moment of peace between siblings!
Oh! And the cutest thing happened today... Jack was crying a lot earlier today and I was holding him and I said, "I just can't get him to stop crying" and Max said, "I will do it". So I set Jack on the floor and Max and Sophie both came up and started hugging him and entertaining him and within seconds they were all laughing and Jack was so happy! It was precious!! One of those moments that makes all of the hard days feel SOOO worth it!

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  1. Oh my! Jack is sooo cute in that hat. It just melts me.