Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sunday Letters... on Wednesday!

As long as I get them in sometime during the week, right?

Dear Max,
You were so good while your Daddy was out of town this week and I am so thankful! You have been expanding your make believe games beyond animals lately which is a nice change of pace! Some of your favorites are playing airplane while we are in the car (I love to hear your little voice in the back say, "allright Pilot Mommy, we are ready for take off!") and playing restaurant during meals (where of course I am Chef Mommy). It just melts my heart it is so cute! Yesterday you were SO excited to get to go visit your Grandma at school. The whole way there you kept telling me, "my Grandma is a great teacher!" You absolutely loved her classroom filled with animal pictures. She gave you some animal magazines to take home with you. You were so enthralled with them you couldn't even eat your lunch. You love animals so much!
Dear Sophie,
You are such a Daddy's girl these days. You missed your Dad sooo much while he was gone for a few days. You have been so happy to have him home. You are very shy these days around people that you don't know. But, when you get around, "your people" you are non-stop! You love being with your grandparents, your great grandma, your aunt and uncle, and your Lauren and your Katie (your babysitter). The cutest thing you said this week was when you told your Daddy that when you are a grown-up you are going to go to the gym and drive your pink car there. You are Mommy's girl! The only thing that would have made it more perfect is if you said you were picking up Starbucks on the way home... but don't worry! I have time to teach you these things still. You found these baby headbands and have started wanting to do your own hair for things. The pic below is how you did your hair for a birthday party we went to this weekend! If you were any cuter I don't know what we would do with you!
Dear Jack,
You are kind of a crab lately but you are still so cute! I think you might be getting a tooth. You have been up a lot at night and you have been much fussier than usual. I can't believe you will be 10 months old this week! You are just growing and changing so much everyday!
Dear Nick,
Where do I even start? I am so proud of you! I am proud of you for serving with Calvary Church in Joplin this weekend. It was so cute to hear Max tell everyone that his Daddy was in "Joblin helping people after the tormados" (sound it out!) I am also so beyond proud of you for getting a promotion at work this week! You are such a hard worker and I am just so grateful that you have a job you love and that you are good at. It is fun to hear you come home pretty much everyday and tell us that you had a good day at work! I am getting so excited for our little out of town trip together here in a few weeks to go to your high school reunion! I just love getting to spend time together. I love you!
(Simon and Nick on Memorial Day)

Please pray for my sweet friend, Jessica and her family. They live in Minot, North Dakota and yesterday had a mandatory evacuation of their home. She has the sweetest little family and her blog is so much fun to read! She is down to earth and I love it! Plus, she pulled an all nighter painting her living room this past week so let's pray that her home is untouched by the flooding!

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