Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Letters

Happy Sunday! Tomorrow I am going to post some pics from our little Mountain Grove/Springfield trip. We had a fabulous time! It was the perfect combination of lots of couple time, lots of seeing new sites, some time with family and time with friends... {perfect}.

But, today is back to the "real world" and we are all about family today so while the kiddos are napping/resting I wanted to post my Sunday letters about my favorite people.

Dear Max,

You are such a joy to our family. I just can't get over how big you are getting. It is totally hitting me lately that you really are a little boy now. I feel like my days are so numbered until you will be in school! You got a big boy bike with training wheels this week and although you love it you haven't quite gotten the hang of it. Your large motor skills are not your strong suit but we are working on it! One thing you have suprised me with lately is how much you really love people. You always want friends and family to be over. I did not expect you to be such a little social butterfly but you really are becoming one! It makes my heart so happy!

Dear Sophie,

You have been showing us what a sweet heart you have lately and it is so amazing. You really do have a softer side underneath that spunky exterior! You love putting your arms around people lately and you are such a little snuggle bug. You have started enjoying playing with baby dolls more which is sweet. I love to watch you play! You also are becoming our little evangelist. This week I was on the phone and you interrupted me and said, "Mommy! I need to tell you about my Jesus" you also told your Grandma while we were out of town that Jesus always takes care of you. It makes my heart so happy that you already love talking about Jesus!

Dear Jack

You are looking SO grown-up with your big boy haircut. I have to do a double take so much of the time because you are looking so big! You actually took a step today and I am so not ready for that! You are going to be walking around in no time I have a feeling!

Dear Nick,

I had the BEST weekend away with you! I LOVED getting to have you all to myself and chat your ear off! I loved talking about everything that has been on my heart lately and sharing our dreams for the future! We really have grown and changed so much over the past few years and I am now so amazed at how much we have in common and I look forward to sharing so many more years with you and seeing where God takes our family! I love you <3.

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