Thursday, June 2, 2011

a last minute {perfect} dinner picnic!

At 3:45 this afternoon I decided that we needed to do something fun this evening! I already had this ah-mazing chicken salad in the works and it just seemed too picnic-y to leave it at home! So, I called up the hubs and asked if we could meet him at the park by his office for a little dinner picnic! The kiddos were excited and so I finished gathering the necessary "supplies" and off we went!

The glorious food! On the menu for the evening:
watermelon (sadly, not in the shape of stars!)
Eatsmart Naturals garden veggie sticks
sweet potato chips by Food Should Taste Good
Tazo Passion Tea for the grown-ups
o.j. for the kiddies (per their request because I think orange juice at dinner is ick!)
hubs caught me on camera enjoying my dinner!
so naturally turn around is fair play
and these sillies LOVED having a picnic at the park!
Max hard at work on the playground
 Jack has a strong desire to be one of the big kids
 We had never taken the kids to Shaw Park before but they really loved it
 Max likes to climb things
 these instruments were a big hit
 trying to cooperate for a picture
 Sophie-Girl LOVES to swing
 and Jack enjoyed watching all the action
It felt like a perfect kick off to summer! I think we are going to have to try to meet up with Nick more often for evening picnics!

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