Monday, June 6, 2011

What's for lunch?

Feeding my kids lunch is not exactly my strong point as a mom! When we lived in Nixa I think I grabbed take out or went out for lunch almost everyday!... or at least tried to! Now that I am more focused on actually feeding my kids things that are good for them we almost always have lunch at home, but it is easy to get into a lunch rut!

The visual really helped me to see how I should be feeding my kiddos. And then I remembered this cute idea I saw awhile back... muffin tin lunches! These would make it really easy to make sure my kids are eating the right things and I think they might actually think it is fun!

How cute are those? Obviously, I don't think I will be that creative! But, I love the idea of filling half the cups with fruits and veggies, one with grains, one with proteins, and then there is still one left for dessert!... or I mean, more veggies! ;) I am hoping to try this soon so I will let you know how it works and if I like it!


  1. Chris and I were talking about that article last week! I hadn't seen the muffin pans but that's cute!

  2. I remember seeing both of these earlier this year ... stuck in my head ... but then life happened and well ...

    I was just thinking about getting eating habits back on track and looking for kid friendly ideas, so thanks for posting this. If you don't mind I will link to you (to this post) when I get around to posting about healthy kid friendly eating.

    Blessings & Peace!