Thursday, May 16, 2013

Change of Plans

So, initially my plan was to homeschool year round. Since the hubs works all year I figured there was no real reason to break for the summer and instead we would take breaks throughout the year. Well, CHANGE OF PLANS!

Shockingly, adding a new baby into the mix of our first year of homeschooling proved a little more challenging than I thought it would. Although, I am not sure if the new baby has added the challenge or the wild man 2 year old! But, either way, this mama has been feeling burnt out. Not only that, my house shows it! Adding another little person to the mix and the business of it all has left my house in shambles a less than ideal condition...

I have been keeping up with just the bare minimum when it comes to housework these days and it is starting to show. My pack rat tendencies (which I didn't even know I had until recently!) are really catching up with me and I have found myself totally overwhelmed by the clutter.

So... I have decided Friday will be our last day of "school" until mid-August. I need to feel more free to focus on restoring my house to order! Homeschooling is a challenge when you have to constantly move clutter and piles just to get started! Plus, we are also adjusting to Nick's new work schedule... if you can even call it that! Ha! So, I think this break will come at just the right time for us to regroup and recharge.

But, while I say we are taking a break from school I know the learning around here won't stop. We will still take weekly trips to the library and go on lots of field trips. We will still read books and play games and have long discussions about what exactly a molecule is (that was the breakfast conversation this morning). But, I won't be breaking out the "formal" stuff. Who knows? My kiddos might actually learn more this summer than they do during the year!

Than we will have a fresh start in August! I decided to wait until our August birthdays are over and then we can jump right in! Ahhh... the beauty of learning to be flexible... I am working on it... :)

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