Friday, May 24, 2013

End of May catch up!

I know I say this every week... but I am SO excited that it is FRIDAY! For some reason starting Wednesday I thought it was Friday so this has kind of been a loooong week! Not bad, just long! The best part of the week was that Tuesday was my mom's last day of school for the year. So now she is free to play with us whenever we want ;)

We started her first day of summer vacation off right by taking her with us to the O'Fallon Public Works Fair! It is basically just a lot of large equipment sitting around in a big parking lot that the kids can climb on and sit in. There was also a little train to ride. It was PERFECT for our little truck man. He was in heaven sitting on different diggers and tractors.

Photo: Super fun morning at the O'Fallon Public Works Fair #ABeautifulMess

Yesterday ended up being kind of a crazy morning. I meet for discipleship with my neighbor so we had our Bible study and then I had to hurry home because I had an appointment to get an estimate for an in-ground sprinkler system. When we got home the guy was already there and he wanted to sit down and talk me through everything. My house was a mess and Sam just wanted to scream the entire time! It was pure crazy town... So, we went out to my mom's house for the afternoon so I could have a little help and regroup my sanity. It was lovely.

Thankfully, this weekend is a three day weekend! I have big plans to get lots of housework and little projects done around the house. Next weekend we are going to Kansas City (first little road trip with a baby! bring it on!) and then Nick has two, one week trips to Chicago this month so I want to get things in order around here before he abandons me has to leave for business. ;)

I will leave you with some double chin cuteness... P.S. This little guy is now 3 months old!
Photo: It is basically impossible to be cranky when you wake up to this smiling little chunky baby. #babydoublechinsarecute #ABeautifulMess

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