Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My new favorite app and some other random stuff

So exciting! A few of my favorite bloggers, Elsie and Emma have a new app out! I am kind of obsessed with it and have put it to good use already since downloading it yesterday afternoon. I am kind of a sucker for photo apps anyway. What can I say? I have cute photo subjects regularly at my disposal!

The app has super cute fonts, doodles, borders and filters. I might be having a little too much fun with it... :)

In other news... here at the Ramsey home Nick is on day three of his new job! He is really enjoying it and I am so glad! If hubby is happy with his job I am happy! It is going to take a little getting used to on my part though. He is a consultant so he will always be working on different projects around the city and everyday is completely different! He started off his first day on Monday morning at a Starbucks in Clayton (the kids were a little disappointing to hear that their dad wasn't actually working for Starbucks)! Yesterday he got home around 2:30 and worked from home the rest of the afternoon. So basically, I never know where he will be, what he will be doing, or when he will be home! But, I think we will get used to it and this is an amazing job opportunity for him.

Another exciting development around here is that Sam has started getting into a bit of a routine. I am not a scheduler with my babies, (I was with the first but learned that was NOT for me!) but I have found that around the 3 month mark they start to fall into a more predictable routine. It is nice to know that about an hour and half after he wakes up that he will be ready for his morning nap and we will be able to get some school done. And then he goes down around 8 for the night so I like knowing I can get stuff done and spend time with the hubs kid-free after that!

I am planning to write a homeschool update post soon. I want to blog a little about what we liked/what we didn't like and then what we are planning to use next year... But first I need to finalize what we are using next year! I thought I had it set in stone, but then the Viratas Press catalog came in the mail yesterday... :)

Oh, and speaking of homeschooling... I did have a very proud Mama moment yesterday when both my kiddos got 100% on their math assessments! I kind of expected Max to do well. He gets things very quickly and usually only misses problems because he tries to go too fast and doesn't pay attention. But, I didn't realize Sophie had a lot of her addition facts memorized and it turns out she does!

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday! We are taking my Grandma to run some errands and the kiddos will most likely end up playing out back with the neighbor kiddos for a good portion of the afternoon with this beautiful weather! (Have I mentioned how wonderful it is to have next door neighbors that homeschool??)

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  1. You need to add a pic of my ginger Sam! I like the photo app!