Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

So, my Mother's Day was pretty much perfectly wonderful! There is always something special about any Mother's Day when you have a new baby (so pretty much every other Mother's Day for me! ha!).

My day started out (just like every day) snuggling in bed with my littlest mister. Then slowly the other peeps flitered in and I ended up in bed with all 4 which doesn't happen too often so it was pretty sweet. Sophie gave me a little gift she had made at a friend's house a few weeks back and she was so excited and proud to give it to me!

The hubs made delcious pancakes for breakfast (which isn't too out of the ordinary because he is our breakfast chef almost every day!). But, they were delicious and I was so grateful. He also let me know that we would be running through Starbies on the way to church (yes!).

I wanted to get a pic with all of my kiddos before church. We took a lot. This one was the best by far. HA! Getting 4 kiddos to look at the camera at the same time and smile is not for the faint of heart...
Photo: Mother's Day 2013 ❤
I would love to tell you what the message at church was about but I didn't really hear any of it. Once the teaching started I had to go feed and change Sam and then about 5 minutes after I got back Max had to go to the bathroom... But, I really don't mind. It is just the season we are in with little kiddos and I love having them at church with us. Plus, thankfully our church puts the messages online so I can listen to them later in the week! My favorite part of church was at the end when they had the kiddos go up front and get a rose to bring to their moms. Max and Sophie went up and came back with two beautiful roses. So sweet.

After church we grabbed lunch at our favorite family pizza place and then it was time for my Mother's Day gift! I really wanted plants and mulch! So we went to Lowes so I could pick out what I wanted! It was so much fun!

Photo: For Mother's Day I wanted flowers and mulch and to spend the day working in the yard with my peeps! Step 1 in progress!

(Jack was sad he wasn't sitting on the mulch too. But he got a turn afterwards!)

Then I got to spend the afternoon out working in the yard as a family which is exactly what I wanted. The kids loved getting to help and it honestly was the perfect day. And by perfect I don't mean things went perfectly! There were a few bad attitudes, having to constantly remind people to not step on the new plants, a fussy baby.... I mean it was a real afternoon. But, we were all together and it was exactly what I wanted.

Thank you to my amazing hubby for making such a wonderful Mother's Day happen.

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