Friday, October 18, 2013

2013 Pumpkin Patch Pictures!

This year I asked on Facebook for some local pumpkin patch reccomedations. For the past few years we have gone to a local place called Daniel's that we love. But, I wanted to see if we were missing anything spectacular. I got some really good recommendations but the morning we decided to go there was a good chance of rain. We decided to go ahead and stick with Daniel's since 70% of it is under a roof so we would still be able to have fun. After our trip Nick and I decided to stick with Daniel's every year. It is just so cute and it is fun to see our kids come back a little older to the same place every year.

Prepare yourself for an obscene amount of pictures...
 We love the little petting zoo at Daniel's. The baby cows were just too precious.
 I am glad Jack is getting over his fear of cows (seriously, this kid would wake up screaming at night that cows were going to get him). He liked these baby ones and said that they were nice.
 Our kiddos could have spent the whole day grinding corn and been perfectly content. They were so cute just spinning the wheels... And Nick and I are now considering corn meal as a family business...;)

 We had to get everyone's measurements. Sam was feeling pretty under the weather so he spent almost our entire trip in the Ergo sleeping but I did get this little shot of him.

 I was instructed to take this picture just for Papa. Jack's Papa obsession continues... even at the pumpkin patch. Don't worry, he got to see him in person the next day..
 I have a pic like this of Sophie from a few years ago so I wanted to make sure to get a shot again this year.

 The pony rides were a big hit with all of the kids! Thankfully we got in line right when they started so we didn't have to wait in the super long line that followed...

 I really was there too... see? There are rarely pics of Mama!

After the pumpkin patch Dad suggested lunch at It's a Better Burger. I had never been before... but they have sweet potato fries that you dip in marshmallow fluff! It was amazing. Perfect family day with my favorite people.


  1. I will be sad when Jack's Papa phase ends.... maybe it won't! we might need to come to the patch next year, looks so fun!

  2. Was it hard getting Jack off of the "Big" tractor? :)