Monday, October 7, 2013

Birthday in KC!

Whew! Life in the Ramsey house has been busy lately! Maybe things will be settling down a bit soon?... 

We spent this past weekend in Kansas City with my whole family celebrating a certain boy turning 7. 7??? How can that be? I may or may not have cried the night before his birthday... 7 just sounds so old to me. 
We had so much fun going to KC. My parents went to and we all stayed at my sister's house. She has two spare bedrooms so each room had 2 kids and 2 adults and it worked pretty well. And Jack was over the moon thrilled that he was getting to sleep in "Papa's room". That boy lives and breathes for his Papa. It is sweet.

We got into Kansas City late Friday evening so we didn't do much besides get everyone ready for bed. The next day we went to the T-Rex Cafe for lunch. A perfect birthday lunch for my dino-loving boy! Here is a pic my sister took at the restaurant. 
It was a little funny because it is super loud outside the restuarnat and walking in with music and roaring. Soph and Jack both freaked out and didn't even want to go in! Nick and I both had to carry one in and took them directly to the gift shop to look around! That distracted them nicely! 

Speaking of... Sophie lucked out in the gift shop... My mom had told each kiddo they could pick something out after lunch. She said they could get something around $20. Sophie immediately saw the Build-a-Dino place and wanted to do that. I told her she would have to talk to grandma but that it was probably too expensive (they started at $20 before clothes or anything!). So she asked my mom just as we were going back to eat and my mom was distracted and didn't really hear her and said yes... So this happened...
Plus, dress, shoes, and sunglasses. Sophie is pretty in love with Sally though... :)

We were going to go to a farm after lunch but after walking around and doing some shopping we were all a little wiped out and the kids really wanted to get home and try out the Disney Infinity game my dad had got for the Wii. 

We had such a good time and are so thankful my sister and brother-in-law were willing to let our crazy bunch take over their house for the weekend. Max and Sophie are already begging to spend their next birthdays in Kansas City with Aunt Emmie and Uncle Simon!

Sidenote: I was reminded of why we don't spend big money on vacations at this point in our lives... my children are terrible sleepers away from home!! Oh my goodness I am tired!

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  1. We can't wait to have all the Ramsey birthdays here!