Monday, October 21, 2013

Electronics-Free Weekdays

Happy Monday!

Over here we are starting week 3 of our "no electronics during the week" rule. And I am happy to report that I think it is here to stay.

We had gotten pretty good about limiting electronics and I had limited them specifically to after school time for the big kids. But, I felt like they were spending their whole day waiting for electronics... "Is it time to watch a show now?" "When is it time to play with the iPad?" "Can I play Wii after this?" I felt like they were wasting their entire day wanting to play with electronics.

So, a few weeks ago I decided to go electronics free on the weekdays after getting some inspiration from a few other blogs. It has been wonderful! I feel like my kids feel free to just play now! They don't have to worry about when it will be time for electronics. When we have a break or they are finished with school they just run to play... and usually they want to play together! I feel like it has had an awesome impact on sibling unity. My kiddos have always been creative but I feel like the creativity is reaching new levels and I love that so much of it is together.

I also feel like I notice a big change in my kids behavior on electronics vs. non-electronics days. Max especially is so much calmer (emotionally) on days without electronics. I feel like I can see him being kinder to us and his siblings and it is refreshing.

And the sneaky part is... we tend to be so busy either getting work done or playing as a family that we rarely have time on the weekends to do electronics anyway (insert evil laugh).


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