Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Catching Up- Random Goings On

Just thought I would pop in with a bullet point post of some things that are currently happening in our house right now, things I am loving, thinking, etc...

 I am loving my Ergo carrier so much! I didn't really do any baby wearing when Max was born. With Sophie I had a sling carrier which I liked when she was itty bitty but after that I didn't wear her much. With Jack I bought the Moby and a Baby Bjorn. I loved the Moby! The Bjorn not so much. This go round I decided to invest in the Ergo. I wish I had done it sooner! I don't love it for itty bitty babies but after 6 months it is super easy and comfy! Sam is always so happy when he is in it. I especially love to use it when I go grocery shopping so that there is actually room in the cart for groceries.
 This is a pic from Sam's well baby check up a few weeks back. Unfortunatly this weel he has a cold and is miserable. He is barely sleeping at all (even worse than usual which is hard to imagine! ha!) He is super snotty and congested. He has been sleeping in his baby rocker which is helping a lot. But, I am ready for this cold to hit the road!
 Our washing machine bit the dust. It was a hand me down Maytag set from my parents and I loved it. It did such a good job! We had the dryer repaired a few times but when the washing machine broke the repair guy let us know that it really wasn't worth fixing. So, I spent the whole day researching what to get and decided to skip out on the front loaders. This set got great reviews and has the same capacity as a front loading set. I am really loving it... and it sings a fun jingle when the washer or dryer is done!

 This is my girl a few weeks ago on our breakfast date! I peeked into her room at 6:30 and saw that she was awake so I snuck her away for some girl time at Panera. Nick and I both love to get one on one time with our kiddos and we chatted a few weeks ago and realized that early on weekday mornings might be a good time to sneak that in. I loved my time with this precious girl.
 This guy went to the groomer last week! He needed to go badly! He was a mess. He looked so cute when he got home. They had even put a little fall bandana on him. We love our Scout!
And we love Whiskers too. I loved this picture of him all stretched out on the back of the couch the other day. He looks so comfy!
 I was cracking up at this pic yesterday. I wanted to grab a quick shot of Sam in these new jammies my mom got him and he was not having it! Unfortunately, even crying, he is just too cute!
Max wanted to read the bedtime story last night. He has totally taken off on reading and it makes my heart so happy. I think for him until he could read book that interest him it was just hard to get too excited to learn to read. He also doesn't like to take the time to sound things out so he prefers to just memorize sight words. Which is fine to some degree... but he is in a good place right now!

This past weekend we got invited to dinner by a wonderful family in our small group. Our whole family had a blast. They have 6 children and whenever I mentioned that to someone they said "whoa! That is a lot of kids!". I have been thinking about it and realized that to me that doesn't really seem like a lot of kid anymore. It used to! Maybe it is from watching the Duggars too much or just from going to our church where there are lots of families with 5, 6 or even 11 kids! It just seems normal to me now! 

I think it is interesting how strange it has become in our culture though to have a large family. I originally thought having 4 kids would be a lot but I rarely "feel" like we have a large family. I just feel like a mom with my kids! But, I do get a lot of comments on "having my hands full".

I also find it kind of interesting that after you have two kids everyone just kind of assumes you won't have more kids. I feel like when I was pregnant with Jack and Sam it was such a huge surprise to people that, especially after having a boy and a girl, that we would want more children. Especially now I feel like most people just assume we will never have more children. I don't have plans for more right now, but I just think it is really interesting that people just assume that we wouldn't want more.

Maybe it is a little different for me too because I remember always wanting to have 5 or 6 kids. I remember telling my mom that and she would always laugh and say I might change my mind! But, she did always tell me that I would be a good mom! Ha!

Well, I think that is all I have for the moment ;) I will leave you all with some Ramsey kiddos cuteness..

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  1. love it all! & love the picture of all four kiddos! ♥ some might see it as you having your hands full... others would just say your blessed x 4 ;)