Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Quote that Changed my Prayers

A few weeks back I finished reading Sally Clarkson's book "Seasons of a Mother's Heart". It was wonderful and spoke to my heart in so many ways when it comes to homeschooling. My absolute favorite quote in regards to homeschool came at the end,
Sally Clarkson on her choice to homeschool...

"I have chosen to homeschool because it is my deep, heartfelt conviction that is is God's will for my life and for my family. If I chose to homeschool because others were doing it, or because I thought it would be fulfilling, or even because I thought it would provide the best education for my children, then I would always be able to choose another option if I became too tired or overwhelmed or discouraged. But if my decision to homeschool was based on being obedient to the design for motherhood and family that I see revealed in Scripture, then I have no other options. My only choice is to obey."

That quote has been such an encouragement to me in homeschooling.

BUT, that is not the quote I wanted to post about! (But, I did want to share it in case it encouraged anyone else!)

The quote that encouraged me, though written about homeschooling, applied to a completely different area of my life...

Since Sam has been born he has not been a good sleeper. Sophie and Jack weren't good sleepers either... but Sam is especially not good. I have been handling it okay during the day but I found myself at night just crying out to God, "please help my baby to sleep! I need sleep! I can't do this!"

Then I read in my book...

"What you need is not deliverance from your difficulties, but you need to persevere."

Hebrews 10:36 says,
For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God you may receive what is promised.

God knows Sam isn't sleeping well. And he knows that I have three other kiddos that need my attention, and a husband, and a home to run, and homeschooling to do... He knows all of that. And yet he still has me where I am. And my part of it needs to be perseverance and endurance (through Christ)... not pleading for deliverance.

So, at night when I am up with Sam I pray for perseverance in this season. I pray for Christ to sustain me and use me and that this would be a fruitful time in my life. And I see him answering that prayer! He is so faithful to provide for us exactly what we need... and it is easier to see that when we realize that what we need is what Christ says we need... not what we think we need. Praying this prayer has completely changed my attitude and given me a better understanding of who Christ is... someone who cares deeply and is working at my sanctification. Someone who values motherhood and has placed a divine calling on my life. And someone who loves me and sustains me.

This boy might not sleep much but man do we adore him.

*Disclaimer- I know that advocates of "sleep training" will cringe at this post (I used to be one of them!)... that is okay! I am aware that we all chose to do this mom thing differently and in non-Biblical issues that is a-okay! :)

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