Thursday, March 25, 2010

10 things that make me REALLY happy!

Just in case you are wondering! 10 things that make me really happy are...

  1.  Diet Coke, especially the kind from a fountain and especially when it is from a gas station. It is perfection in a cup.
  2. A bowl of fruit... eating it... just looking at it... either way it always makes me happy!
  3. My kids, especially when they are being really happy and cute. Becuase let's be honest, tantrums are just not happy.
  4. Being inside my house on a rainy day with a candle or two lit. It makes me feel all homey and I just love that feeling.
  5. A bed that is made. While the process of making a bed does not make me happy I hate the way an un-made bed looks.
  6. Hearing a song on the radio right when I "need" it.
  7. Hearing something that makes a light bulb go off in my head. Yesterday at Bible study one of the wise ladies in our group said to us with young kiddos, "raise your kids now or you will be raising them for the rest of their lives". Wow... so true and so perfectly put.
  8. Rainboots. I have NEVER owned a pair but whenever I see someone in them it makes me really happy and makes me wish I was cool enough to pull them off.
  9. A completed to do list. It makes me so happy to feel like I have accomplished something. Even if it is just putting the laundry away and sweeping the kitchen floor.
  10. When my husband calls or e-mails out of the blue. That makes me REALLY happy.

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