Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sick Day

(I am a little grumpy now... this is take 2 of this post. Somehow the first one got deleted! Bummer!!)

I am home with these little sweet sickys today. Actually, this pic is from yesterday morning but same thing today. The just have coughs and runny noses. No fun! And since I think it is so very rude to take sick people in public I am going to practice what I preach and keep them home not spreading the love!
On a more fun note. We did a little rearranging at the R House this weekend. We converted the kids playroom into an office. Now, before you think we are the MEANEST parents ever I would like to say that the kids hadn't really played in there for months. Even when they have friends over they prefer to be upstairs or in the living room. I was also inspired by one of my friends who only gives her kids 3small bins of toys to play with and rotates them out from time to time. Now, I am not going to go totally that way because frankly, we kind of like a lot of their toys too. But, I did come to the conclusion that if I can't fit all of their toys in their bedrooms/closets plus a few toys in the living room (we have a storage ottoman) that they probably have more toys than they can really enjoy. So we weeded through the toys and picked out their favorites and now Mr. R. and I have a room to work in.
I haven't decorated yet, we just moved the furniture in so I will post the finished product later!

I already love my house so much more! It is SO nice to feel like I am not living in a daycare center and I feel SO much less annoyed now when there are toys on the living room floor! Clean up is also SO easy. We just fill a basket with any toys that have wandered downstairs and take them up and then it takes about 5 minutes to clean up each kids bedroom and then Mommy gets to go to bed in a clean house! Plus, they are playing so much more with their toys now that they have fewer. I think the big room filled with toys was overwhelming. They spent all day just dumping toys out and not really playing. So, everyone is happy!! Especially Mommy!

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