Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I am really enjoying a new blog I found. It is called "Home Sanctuary". If you want to check it out here is the link! http://www.homesanctuary.com/rachelanne/ I LOVE finding new blogs that are uplifting and encouraging because honestly, it is hard to be encouraged and uplifted in the "real world" sometimes. I know that life isn't all daffodils and rainbows but sometimes the constant negativity of the world just gets me down. To be honest, I have hard days like everyone else. But, most of the time I feel content and joyful. Although, I find myself grumbling and complaing when I talk to people because it just feels like the way we are supposed to talk to each other. I am really going to try to be more positive in my speech because I want to be more uplifting. My biggest pet peeve when I was pregnant with Sophie was when people would tell me how hard it is to have two kids. What was I supposed to do? Honestly, for me, two kids have not been "harder" than one. I have had some different challenges than I had with one but overall for ME two kids was easier. I know that three kids will bring with it it's own set of challenges and will maybe even be hard for me. But, I want to try to have the best attitude I can about it. God has been teaching me a HUGE lesson during this season in my life and it is that children are a BLESSING and not a BURDEN he gives to us. I think the day after I found out I was expecting #3 I just felt the Lord constantly whispering to me, "this is a blessing from me". And I really believe that now. It makes me a little sad now to listen to people who constantly complain how hard having kids is, would you really prefer the alternative? Or how expensive kids are, God gives us the money we need to take care of them, what else would you rather be spending it on? I have been a complainer, but I just feel my heart changing. I was thinking about children compared to other blessings we recieve. What if God blessed us with a lot of money and we spent all of our time complaining to our friends how hard it is to manage the huge sums of money God unexpectedly threw at us? They would be pretty annoyed! And I am pretty sure our words sting even more to women who aren't able to have children or who have lost children. I am NOT saying that having children is not a huge challenge! But, I am saying that I personally want to be an encouragement to other moms and women who have been BLESSED with children. So, I am currently reading books and blogs and trying to surround myself with people who are encouragers! If you have any other great blog suggestions that are uplifiting on raising children, being a wife, and homemaking I would LOVE to hear about them! Being a wife, mom, and homemaker has been my heart's desire since I was a little girl and I feel so blessed to be living my dream! I thank all of you girls for being encouragers and for writing great blogs that make me HAPPY to be a mom!

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