Monday, March 8, 2010

All Girl

One thing that really suprised me about both my children is how totally "all boy/all girl" they are. Sophie is such a girly girl despite the fact that she spends almost all day every day with her rough and tumble older brother. But, the girl plays dress-up all day long and she loves all things girly. So, of course, our little 18 month old was thrilled when she found out Daddy was painting her room PINK! She loves it and has been telling me all day about her "pink room"!
On Mondays Max goes to Moms Day Out at our chuch so Sophie and I get a little girl time in. Here is a picture of her eating her yogurt at lunch. This girl will be a size 2 her entire life if she keeps up her current diet. About all she eats is fruit, vegetables, and yogurt. I wish I had her discipline! Ha!

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