Monday, March 29, 2010

Is it Thursday yet?

I am SO excited for Thursday! We have our big ultrasound and hopefully find out if we are having a boy or a girl! I am stoked! I will be totally thrilled either way! But, I am excited to find out and pick a name and do all those fun things!

We had kind of a nice lazy weekend this weekend. We NEEDED it! It was so great to just spend time together as a family. On Saturday morning we had these!...

I made homemade cinnoman rolls for the first time! On Facebook one of my friends from high school mentioned making homemade cinnoman rolls and it occured to me that I had never even THOUGHT of anything but canned or store bought cinnoman rolls! Oh my goodness these little things are worth the extra work!! Heaven on a plate I tell you! I am really trying to make more things from scratch these days. I like knowing EXACTLY what is in the foods I give to my children as I learn more about nutrition and the dangers of the processed foods we eat in huge quantities everyday. I am actually finding that most things are not that hard to make from scratch and just take a little extra time. Things like pizza crust, pancakes, etc. are so easy to make from scratch. And you can make them so much healthier and yummier. I am so excited!

My other recent project was rearranging our bedroom. Silly me didn't take a before picture. But this is the after. Now as a disclaimer the room is not decorated yet. I still need to paint and merchandise. But, since moving into the new house I have focused a lot more on the downstairs since that is what people see! But, the master bedroom is on my list of things to do before the new baby gets here so I wanted to get the furniture just right!

Ugh! I know! It looks SO boring! I am planning on painting the walls a bluish/gray color and doing lots of white accents. I am debating painting the dresser white.... I think paint will make a BIG difference as far as making this room look warm and comfortable. Anyway, I DO like the furniture placement better!

And I have to show this picture because my kids NEVER do this! Sophie Nichole fell asleep while I was rocking her on Saturday afternoon. She had been so tired all morning and it was almost nap time...

Oh how I love that sweet girl!

Happy Monday! Is it Thursday yet???

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