Wednesday, May 4, 2011

9 months old

So this is a few days late but my littlest man is now officially 9 months old! I can't believe it! To celebrate he decided to pull himself up to standing all by himself!
 Here is our sweet 9 month old enjoying some pancakes this morning. Mmmmm, he is so yummy!

 And of course no post is complete without seeing some of our other favorite Little R's. Here is Max. And speaking of Max... this sweet boy who I couldn't pay to pick up a crayon and always refused to do his crafts in church is now our resident little artist. He spends pretty much all day at the kitchen table with blank paper and markers. He is also getting very good at writing his name. We are very proud of him!
 And here is little sister. She spends her day trying to find chapstick to steal from people! Well, she does some other things too... but that is her focus!
 And here is one of my new favorite things... the hubs at home in the mornings! Nick has shifted his work schedule a little and has started going into work a little later. He leaves for work around 8. It is SO nice! I am NOT the best at mornings so having him at home to help get breakfast started for the kiddos (and to make sure mama gets her coffee right off the bat!) is giving all of us a much better day! He does get home a little bit later (usually around 6) but it is so worth it. Our mornings are so much fun and the quality time has been great!
In other news around here, this weekend is the BIG wedding weekend. My sister is getting married on Saturday! So, we are busy around here getting ready for that. I can't wait to post pictures next week! I know it is going to be beautiful!!

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