Thursday, April 19, 2012

Boys and their toys

Max has always been such a little boy. He loves animals and dinosaurs and pretending to be a super hero. He seriously melts my heart when he tells me that he wants to be Super Max when he grows up because he wants to save the world and then says, "but, I still need Jesus to save me because even super heroes can't save themselves" (insert Momma's heart melting).

But, Jack has been super fun because he is all boy too but in different ways. Jack LOVES cars. In fact, so much so that he goes to bed with one every night and takes one everywhere we go. It cracks me up. Since our home has a farm behind it whenever the tractor is out Jack just stands and watches.
One of my absolute favorite things about having more than one child is just seeing how they are different from one another. Seeing that they truly are little people with their own personalities given by God is such a neat thing to watch play out.

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