Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Family Worship 101

When we started attending our new church a few months back I learned about a concept that was totally new to me: Family Worship. Family Worship is just that- worshiping God together as a family. At the time we were reading the Bible to our kids every night (which was a huge step up for us from where we started) but we hadn't really taken time to worship together just as a family. We were encouraged to take some time every night to have a family worship time where we read the Bible, sing songs together, pray together, and anything else the Lord lays on our hearts. 

Family Worship is now something we all look forward to in the evenings. But, I have to give all the credit to the hubs. I tend to let routine things fall by the wayside but he makes sure we spend this time together as a family every evening that we can. 

I thought I would share a few of our favorite resources for family worship! Our kids are 5, 3, and 1 so these resources are geared towards younger kids. Do you have any favorite resources you like to use to help you disciple your young kiddos? 

1- The Jesus Storybook Bible- by far my favorite children's Bible. We use this one most of the time to keep things short and sweet but I love the way that the Jesus Storybook Bible points every story in the Bible to Jesus.
2- Our 24 Family Ways- one of my biggest goals as a mom is to help my children develop Christ-like character. I don't think kids learn these things naturally and I think it is important to be intentional. This book is one I am going to start using with my kids and also hope to tie into our homeschool curriculum next year.
3- Questions With Answers- this little C.D. takes the Westminster Catechisms for kids and puts them to music. The first time I listened to this C.D. I thought the songs were a little dorky but as I found my kids (and MYSELF!) memorizing the truths of our faith I was sold.

Another resource not pictured that we love at our house are the Seeds Family Worship c.d.s. They have Bible verses set to music (and not cheesy music... really good music that you actually won't mind listening to) to help memorize scripture! I wish I could get these for every verse I need to memorize.

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  1. That CD looks neat! We started memorizing those catechisms a while back, but didn't get too far. Learning them to music might be just the ticket =) We do just as you said you did...we read together each night, but not much more than that. I'd love to expand our family worship like you have!

  2. Love this Katie! I'm not a mom yet but if I get to be I definitely want Family Worship like this! So sweet.

    P.S. Joined you blog!

    Carly @ ryandcar.blogspot.com