Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 Home Goals

The Nester is doing a 2011 Home Goals link up today! I actually don't have a lot of goals for my home this year but I do love to link up! So.... I have a few "goals" for this year and many, "that would be nice"s! I already accomplished one big goal I had for the year which was FINALLY painting our master bedroom. Check that out here.

Goal 1: ORGANIZE ORGANIZE ORGANIZE! We have lived in our home a little over a year and for the most part all of the visble areas are organized and decorated. However, the closets and storage spaces are another story. I would post pictures but I am honestly too ashamed to show you the wreck that is the insides of my closets! So, I would love to get a handle on those spaces this year!

Goal 2: Get my kids rooms finished. My kiddos rooms have changed purposes a lot. As of right now, they are pretty much exclusively for sleeping and don't have any toys in them. Which, I really love! BUT, they look so bare! Not to mention that neither of my older 2 have bedframes... just box springs and mattresses on the floor. Yep, classy!

Goal 3: Have one thing that I {LOVE} about every room in my house. It could be paint color, a throw pillow, the whole thing, whatever. But I want my home to make me happy (since I am here ALL the time!)

So, that's it! Do you have any Home Goals for 2011? If so, head over to and share them!

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