Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Review of "Reshaping It All"

I just finished reading, "Reshaping It All" by Candace Cameron Bure. I was a HUGE fan of Candace Cameron when she played D.J. on Full House! Then years later when I found out she was a Christian and a mom I was excited to learn more about her. When this book came out I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew she was going to talk about her life and her struggle with weight and getting healthy but that could go a lot of directions. But, I ordered the book right away and got to reading it as soon as it arrived!
Now, I feel like before I get into what I thought about the book I have to say, as a person with a degree in professional writing I was a little frustrated with the book. It jumps all over the place at times, and feels very disorganized and like it lacked much editing. And as a human being I must say that the book seemed a little self-glorifying at times. But, it is an autobiography I guess so what can you do? So, expect to hear about how awesome Candace Cameron Bure is! Ha! (She also listed what brands of jeans she likes to buy which made absolutely no sense in the context of the chapter she was writing about... but honestly, as a fan, I was interested to know! Ha!)

Now, with all of that said, the book really is good. If you have any struggles with food this book really is great. She really shines a light on overeating from a spiritual perspective and I think she really hits the nail on the head. I had more "ah ha" moments than I care to count. She talks in length about overcoming food addictions and emotional eating and suggests that almost anyone who is overweight probably has a problem in one of these areas. I think anyone who thinks they might have an emotional attachment to food should read this book. She is pretty serious about the importance of overcoming these issues which I thought was refreshing.

The idea of gluttony (habitual eating to excess) as a sin has been on my heart for quite awhile now and it was great to read more about this topic get some practical advice for overcoming this area in my life. I am hoping to write more about this in the future as I think about it more and start applying some of what I learned into my life!

My biggest "ah ha" moment was realizing that I have tried (and almost always failed) to loose weight since high school. I am realizing my issue has not been trying the wrong plans or things like that but that I wasn't dealing with the real issue, an unhealthy attachment to food. So, I hope to start dealing with that and for the first time in my life overcoming my issues with food are more important to me than being skinny!

So, if you read this book let me know what you think about it! And I will hopefully be blogging more about this little journey I am on as time goes on!

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  1. hmmmm sounds very interesting, I'll have to check it out. i have had weight issues my whole life. Until this year I hadn't kept weight off for more then a few months before I was putting it on again. I highly believe it has a lot to do with my spiritual state no doubt...