Friday, January 7, 2011

Easy Storage

We keep our kids in bins for easy storage.

I am not sure which one of my children came up with this brilliant game but it sure got some laughs and smiles!

I am so glad it is Friday! It has been a nice short week with Nick only having to work for 4 days! We don't have much on the agenda this weekend which will be nice. My friend Christina and her husband will be in town tomorrow so we will get to spend some time with them but other than that I think we will get lots of vegging out and family time. I am looking forward to it.

The kids start back in Mom's Day Out on Monday and I think it will be good. Max is starting to get a little bored at home so I think he is ready to play with his friends and get lots of his energy out! Today he was begging me to go somewhere but with it snowing and nothing really planned I just couldn't bring myself to take 3 kids out into the cold for an impromptu activity. But, we have made the most of the day so far and have played some games, watched some PBS Kids, and had some frozen pizza!

I hope everyone else has a great weekend!
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