Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sleeping through the night!

Okay, I guess I will go ahead and jinx myself and say: Jack has been sleeping through the night! Last night was the third night in a row. I was really surprised he did last night because he has a little cold and is super stuffy and usually stuffy babies are terrible sleepers. It has been so strange for him to go from waking up twice a night to zero! I am glad I didn't stress about it too much. I figured he would just be like my sweet Soph and not sleep through the night until he was over a year old which I was okay with, but this is way better!

 I love waking up to his little "coos" in the morning. I don't know how Nick and I ended up with such a sweet, laid back little baby. He does not have laid back parents so I don't know where he gets it from! Maybe his soon-to-be uncle? Can you get traits from them! Ha! Seriously, we are not a laid back people! It cracks me up!

(here is where I WOULD post a sweet picture of my Jack-Jack if the card reader on my laptop was working... bummer)

I hope everyone else is sleeping well too. This mama is WELL RESTED!


  1. YAY for a well rested momma! :) ENJOY your day!! :)

  2. go, jack! you should throw a party. sleeping through the night is a momentous occasion!