Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Eve and 5 months old

Wow, it really is 2011.

We celebrated New Years Eve with our friends the Scott's. We had a great time! They stayed the night so the kids could go to bed and the adults could play games. And this meant that Max got to have his first sleepover! He was so excited!

Our Jack is officially 5 months old today. Time is flying by SO fast! He is getting so big! What he is up to these days...
  • he rolls from back to tummy and tummy to back... he rolls ALL THE TIME!
  • he is wearing mostly 3-6 months cloths and some 6-9 months
  • he giggles a lot and LOVES to be entertained by his older brother and sister
  • sometimes he is a good sleeper and sometimes he isn't
  • he loves his oatmeal and we tried avocados for the first time this week and he really loved those
  • he likes to sit in his highchair while we are all eating or while I am cooking
  • he is super good in the nursery at church and they seem to just love him in there, it makes me happy!

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