Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project Life! January 1-8

I am participating in Project Life Tuesdays over at The Mom Creative! I think it will be a good way to stay on top of things!

Click on the link above to check out even more Project Life posts!

January 1: We rang in the new year with our good friends, the Scott family! Max and Ben had their first sleepover!

January 2: We found Sophie sleeping in a funny position! I have no idea how a person sleeps like this!

Janyuary 3: Our last day with Daddy home on his long break. We loved every second having him home with us.

January 4: With everything I do wrong as a mom it makes me pretty happy to see my kids chow down on veggies!

January 5: Soph decided to help with clean up! Love a kid with a good work ethic! Ha!

January 6: Max and I were playing Memory and I took a break to check on something and I came back to him playing with Jack. It was such a sweet moment!

January 7: Max asked to hold Jack. Max is such a good big brother. I pray so much that Max and Jack will love each other and grow up to be good friends.


  1. what a great week! do you think Logan is too young to carry a broom and dust pan??? lol I kid, I kid!

  2. my kids look just a bit older, but your photos resemble my photos...I wonder how many of us have pj and game playin' photos from the first week? Happy Project Life Tuesday!

  3. Love these pics! I don't understand how the kiddos sleep in such odd positions either (especially when they fall asleep in the carseat).