Wednesday, March 16, 2011

all up in each other's business...

I just can't stop laughing at what my husband said the other day! I don't even remember what we were talking about but he chimes in with something like, "they are a lot like your family, you know... all up in each other's business". It cracked me up! I was quick to assure him that my family is not all "up in each other's business" (where did he get that phrase anyway??) and he laughed and told me that it wasn't a bad thing. But, we are just very involved in each other's lives. He assured me that he thought it was a really good thing and he loved that about my family but he said he didn't think it was "the norm". I got to thinking about it and realized maybe he is right. I guess not every family is as involved in each other's lives. But, it is something I have actually come to appreciate and love about my family. We all talk almost everyday and get together every week. Not because we have to. I never wanted to get in a situation with my family where it is like, "we have lunch together every single Sunday whether people like it or not". There is nothing set in stone we just usually choose to get together once a week. I am really thankful for that. There is never any pressure to get together which is nice. Especially having kids who are OBSESSED with their grandparents, great grandma, and aunt and uncle and my extended family I am glad we see them so much. I was e-mailing with my grandma last night and she said, "I wish ALL families took care of each other - we are very lucky." And it is true. So, I guess not all families are "all up in each other's business"... but MOST days I am really thankful mine is.

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  1. Aw I'm so jealous. We are so far from all of our family. We're still trying to talk them into moving closer to us though. I'd love to be "up in each other's business" kind of family. My parents always know what's going on in my life, we talk on the phone weekly, but not so much with my sister. Who knows, maybe my girls and I can always be "up in each other's business" when the grow up and have their own families. That is funny!