Tuesday, March 29, 2011

my new plan

is to get really skinny, buy all of these dresses, and then find fancy places to wear them!

Check-out www.modcloth.com if you want to spend some time drooling over some gorgeous and feminine dresses and more. I am in love.


  1. have you ever checked out shabbyapple.com? cute dresses there, too, but where to wear them? the gym? the pediatrician's office? walmart?! ha!

  2. So cute... but right now, ruching (is that even how you spell it?) is my enemy!

  3. Katie! THanks so much for coming to the new site today! I appreciate your support and comments about the "do" that "did" work for ya! It'd be smokin' with any of those pretties you're coveting! Spread the love, if you like what you saw today. I'll be having some incentives for referrals. Thanks again! :)