Wednesday, March 23, 2011

World Water Day

Yesterday was World Water Day (check out the link to read more). The fact that clean water is not accessible to so many people is something that God often puts on my heart. Every night my little man comes downstairs, stalling of course, and asks for a drink of water. I am able to walk over to my refrigerator and give him some clean filtered water to sit next to his night stand. Honestly, almost every time I hand him his glass of water I think of a mom somewhere who can't do that. A mom who has to walk miles just to get water for her family. Moms that have to dig a hole in order to begin finding water. Moms who aren't able to give their kids baths every night and just for fun. Sometimes it is hard to wrap my mind around how blessed I am when others have so little. But, I am reminded that we are blessed to be a blessing. So, I just wanted to share this link if you missed World Water Day yesterday and want to do something to help. I love World Vision but I know there are lots of great charities out there so if you can consider giving somewhere!
World Vision: Clean Water Fund - Monthly Gift

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