Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Letters

Sorry, I think the only posts I write these days are the Sunday Letters. I promise to update more soon! Life just seems to be busy lately! But, without further ado...

Dear Max,

You have been such a sweet boy this week. Even when you were sick on Saturday :-( We know when you are sick because you just stop everything and lay down. You are NOT a kid that sits still so we always know something is up. You seemed to be feeling better today though! Yay!

Dear Sophie,

You are lucky you are so cute because your tantrums are intense these days! You even did a complete "thow yourself on the floor meltdown" at Kohl's today! Luckily, we were already checking out. Hopefully you get with the program soon! Ha!

Dear Jack,

You are getting SO big!!! Oh, goodness! This week you have started getting up on your knees and rocking back and fourth and you have even gotten one knee forward. You have also started clapping your hands which I think is just one of the most precious things ever!

Dear Nick,

Thank you for your awesome painting and tile work this weekend. I LOVE my new laundry room! I also must appologize for falling asleep during our movie last night! I had a great time picking out new clothes for you today at Kohl's! I am SO proud of you for loosing 30 pounds and couting! You look great Babe! I LOVE you!

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