Friday, September 23, 2011

the end of an ERA!

It is a sad day in the Ramsey household... Actually, it is only sad for the mom. The hubs and kiddos probably couldn't care less. But, today is the very last episode of my soap, All My Children.
I know! It is just a show. But, I have watched "All My", as my sister and I call it, since I was like 4 years old! My mom watched it so my sister and I did too! She would even tape it and would watch it when she got home from work so we would all watch it. In college I would schedule my classes around being home to watch.

So, I am a little sad that a show I have basically watched for the last 24 years is coming to an end! But, then I guess all good things must come to an end! So, if you were thinking about it, don't call me today between noon and one because I will not be picking up the phone... I will be watching my very last episode of All My Children. And possibly crying about it....

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