Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Too much

Some days it all just feels like too much. Too much to do. Too much to worry about. Kids everywhere, messes everywhere, a "to do" list that I know will never get even close to completion. Some days I just want to sit and cry because I just can't handle it all! I am a mom to three kids ages four and under and none of them is an "easy going" kind of kid. They are all strong willed, hard headed, and a MESS! It just all feels like too much to even make it through the day sometimes. And then add in the responsibilities of being a wife, serving at church, having friends, trying to loose weight... I mean, how does one person even begin to do it all?

But other days, it really feels like too much. It is too much that God has given me three beautiful, healthy, wonderful children who are so full of life they are about to explode. It is too much that God has taken my marraige which started out pretty broken, because it started out with two very broken people, and turned my husband and I into giggly teenagers who are so in love we can barely get through the day sometimes. It is too much that God is changing us everyday and that we can visibly see His hand in everything. It is too much that we have this beautiful home that is so much more than we need and we have money to buy food and water and keep our children safe. Some days it just feels like way too much.
I am not saying my life is perfect. But, when I choose to focus on the struggles it is all I see. I can't get past it. And when I choose to focus on the blessings it is all I see.. and I can't get past it. And I wish I would choose to focus on the right "too much" a whole lot more.

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