Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What's new...

Well... we have been keeping ourselves pretty busy lately! Jack of course is walking and climbling and is pretty much into everything so he keeps me pretty busy!
 I am also trying to get back on the weight loss wagon! After loosing and gaining the same 8 pounds over and over again I am ready to just get it off! So, I am down about 4 pounds and hoping to continue!
 Aside from getting back on the weight loss wagon I have also gotten back on the Dave Ramsey wagon! Nick and I worked hard and got out of debt a few years ago but we have still not quite gotten our big emergency fund in order yet. We also need to save to replace my van here in a few years since we will be buying our replacement vehicle with cash. So, we have really tightened the belt around here and it is going well. I have worked to cut down our grocery bill significantly (while buying healthier foods, woo hoo!) and we are living on less! We are planning to cancel our satellite dish next month when our contract is up and we have been working on making some cuts in other areas. It feels good to be going in the right direction there.
 In Friend2Friend this semester I am reading "Effective Parenting in a Defective World" by Chip Ingram. It is AWESOME so far! And my group of women is just great! I am so blessed by this semester already.
 We are really praying about what we will do for school for Max next year. I really believe that God will make His will perfectly clear but it is hard to wait! Especially when there are so many pros and cons with each possibility.
 Max is going to be playing basketball this winter at the YMCA. It is super cute how excited he already is! I will be suprised if he ends up really liking it but I think it is cute he is excited! I wanted to sign him up for soccer but I missed the cut off so I went ahead and signed him up for basketball. I think we will definitely try soccer in the spring though.
 And Sophie Lou has started her ballet class. Her second class is tonight. She did SO well the first week! She cried when it was time to leave! She is going to Daughters of Grace Dance Academy which I think is perfect for her starting out. It seems low stress and it is a Christian dance studio so I like that. They even pray at the end of class which with all of those little girls is totally precious!
I guess that is all that is up with us! Just wanted to give a little update! I hope everyone else is having a great Tuesday!


  1. I always wanted to take ballet as a little girl! That really wasn't a viable option in rural Missouri, so I joined a clog dancing group in high school, which was a lot of fun, but not really at all like ballet! Thanks for the update and the super cute photos!

  2. OMG that ballet outfit! I die!! So cute!!! So friend I have an award for you over on my blog. :)