Tuesday, September 27, 2011

You asked... {Part 1}

You asked: Katie- What are 5 random things we might not know about you?

I answered:

Gee... good question! I don't know! I tend to be kind of an open book. You guys probably already know more than you want to! But here we go... 5 random things...

  1.  In high school my best friend and I would pretend we were dating and married to Backstreet Boys. I of course was all about Brian Littrell. Yep... you can't make this stuff up.
  2. I HATE the sound of someone scratching fabric... especially like jeans. I tell Nick that it makes my "teeth curl". He says that makes no sense but it is true. I can't handle it! Recently my sister was over and she had a bad itch on her leg and she was scratching her jeans and I told her if she continued to scratch she was going to have to leave my home.
  3. Both my parents can curl their tongue and so can I. But, my sister can't. So, when she was little I liked to tell her that she was adopted because it would be genetically impossible for her to not curl her tongue too. I was sweet like that.
  4. I love pedicures but I really don't like those foam toe seperater things they put between your toes when painting. The feel of the foam between my toes really creeps me out. But, I deal with it in the name of beauty!
  5. Despite being a somewhat organized human being the inside of my purse is always a totally trashed mess. It is usually full to the brim with church bulletins, receipts, toy cars, and lots of other random things. I can never find my cell phone or keys once I stick them in my purse.
So, there you go! Now you know! And now you have no excuse to be scratching your jeans when we are together... and if you can't curl your tongue I might tell you you are adopted...


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