Friday, January 13, 2012

My Big Loser

I am pretty jealous proud of my husband. He has lost about 65 pounds over the past year! I can hardly recognize him in old pictures anymore. Here are a few older ones...

And here is a little before and after. (He isn't mad in the second one... we were being "silly"... apparently he thinks that is a silly face... I don't know... )
Nick was so sweet and gained weight with me during all of my pregnancies! I mean, the couple that snacks together stays together, right? No? Hmmm... Well, here are a few more current photos...

Doesn't he look great? I hate to say it but Nick lost the weight by exercising and eating right. He didn't do anything gimmicky at all. I watched. I should have joined in! Because now that my husband has reached his goal weight I feel a little more of a drive to get to mine. 

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