Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Some updates

In case you didn't see it on Facebook here is a pic of my new haircut. I love it! The only problem is I am kind of having a difficult time learning to style it myself! I need to keep practicing! But, I absolutely love having bangs and having a real "hairstyle" helps me from feeling like a frumpy mom.

And speaking of not being a frumpy mom... I lost 4 pounds my first week of Weight Watchers Online! I am thrilled! And it is totally motivating me to keep going.

It is also officially the last day of TV free January. We didn't do as well as I had hoped with having sick kids throughout the month and Jack's teething keeping me up at night for the past few weeks. But, honestly, even with those factors, we watched way less. My favorite habit that we broke (with a few exceptions) is watching TV first thing in the morning and through breakfast. It has been great starting off my kids day by chatting over breakfast and a few times they even asked me to read them Bible stories while they were eating. It was awesome. The other nice part has been because they watch a lot less we are much choosier about which shows they watch. We have tried to find shows that are beneficial instead of just "neutral".

And in totally unrelated news, we went to Culver's last night for dinner (which was tasty but I only had 6 points left for the day so there was no delicious Butter Burger and frozen custard for me!) but it ended up being kids night. Look at these cute balloons the super talented balloon artist made for them!

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  1. Congrats on the weight loss! And the haircut is ADORABLE!! :) I would love to have a 'hairstyle' but we just don't have the money to keep getting it cut as often as it would need. I'm so with you on the TV-free issue! Someday I dream of having no TVs in the house for distraction. I'm trying to incorporate more read-aloud time to keep them entertained... so far so good (except first thing in the morning). We're still working on that one. By the way, your children are beautiful! :)