Friday, February 24, 2012

The Most Important Meal of the Day

is supposedly breakfast. And while I totally understand this one thing is true: I DO NOT LIKE TO EAT BREAKFAST in the morning. I am perfectly happy with a big cup of coffee with a tad too much creamer. If it were up to me I would sip coffee all morning long and real food would not touch my lips until lunch time. But, I know this isn't good for me and I know my lack of breakfast is affecting my weight loss. I don't mind eating cereal or things like that for breakfast but then I am hungry within like an hour and that kind of defeats the purpose! So, I am trying to think of some good for me breakfasts that actually sound appealing...

Yesterday morning I enjoyed this deliciousness.

A toasted English muffin with almond butter and strawberries and a tiny bit of agave nectar on top. Two thumbs up for sure.

The only other breakfast I have found so far that I consistently like in the morning are smoothies. Do you have any favorite breakfasts?


  1. Wow, that looked amazing! :) I religiously eat peanut butter toast first thing in the morning with my coffee (and sometimes I eat a banana with it) to break my fast while I study my Bible. Then around 8:30 or 9 I eat something with more protein when I make breakfast for my family... scrambled eggs with cheese, breakfast burritos, sausage or bacon & cheese quiche, biscuits or cinnamon rolls to go along with the scramble eggs, fruit & so on. But then again, I LOVE breakfast! I can't get my day going without it!! I hope you find some yummy things to break the habit of skipping breakfast. :)

  2. It's taken me a long time to find breakfasts that work for me (in terms of me not being STARVING again within an hour or 2). The trick for me is a balance of protein and carbs. I love your idea of the English muffin + almond butter + strawberries; I will sometimes do that, but swap almond butter for cream cheese (reduced fat) (I usually need to drink a glass of milk or eat a thing of yogurt with that, though, to get enough protein to stay satisfied long enough). Sometimes if I'm feeling super lazy in the mornings, I'll make up 7 hardboiled eggs (so I can have one for every day that week) and eat those with some toast or something. I'll also do breakfast burritos or easy breakfast sandwiches. You know those Ziplock Twist & Lock containers? ( If you scramble up an egg (or use Egg Beaters) in separate container, spray the ziplock container with a little cooking spray, pour your scrambled egg in, and pop it in the microwave for roughly a minute (stopping after 30 seconds to check and see how it's doing, and then again at 45), and you have an easy, perfectly shaped and sized scrambled egg for a breakfast sandwich! Just put it on an English muffin with a slice of warmed up (in the microwave, maybe on the lid of the ziplock) canadian bacon! Easy peasy! I probably have more breakfast ideas I can't think of right now...I'll let you know if I have more :) Happy breakfasting!