Thursday, February 23, 2012

Clean and Tidy

I saw a question posted the other day- if you could have a housekeeper, chef, or nanny which would you choose.? For me, hands down, it would be housekeeper. While I love a clean house I do not love cleaning my house.

I was talking to a very dear friend yesterday and she mentioned how one of my older blog posts really impacted how she keeps her house tidy (talk about making my day!). After we got off the phone I realized I had kind of gotten in a rut and forgotten my own advice! Lately I feel like my house is either clean (bathrooms and floors scrubbed, windows wiped down, etc.) OR tidy (everything picked up and put away). But very rarely, okay never, BOTH.

So, I am going to ask you guys! How do you keep your house clean AND tidy and how do you find the balance? I will do a post next week on what I learn from all of you homemaking rock stars out there!

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  1. Well Katie,you know from our discussion yesterday that I am in the same boat as you :). I think the most important thing is setting your priorities as a family, sticking to that and letting some things go. For our family, it is most important to Paul that we have clean, fresh sheets on the bed and he has clean undershirts and socks for work. So, laundry is priority one for me in the housework arena and but the housework arena is priority three in the overall list of things. Overall, priority one is meeting the needs of, playing with and showing my kids Jesus. Number two is homeschool with Ara. Number three is housework. So, my house doesn't always look nice but that is what works best for us. When it comes to housework, though, I did a similar tips roundup on one of the blogs I post at here:

  2. I use 31 Days to Clean (Sarah Mae's book). I LOVE IT. I also ahve color coded things for the kids, also. Ex: Princesses stuff is all Purple things, and Warriors stuff is all Green. Their towels, toothbrushes, rags, cups, etc. All one color. Their (home)school stuff is different colors though. Princesses is all pink & Warriors is all blue. It helps things tremendously. Everynight before I go to bed all the clothes from the day are at least washed & then put in the dryer, and same with all of the dishes -they are washing in the dishwasher. Each day of the week, we wear a certain color group (that way ALL of the clothes can be washed everyday, in one load, without something red dyeing a white shirt pink). I am typing a lot. I think I should post about this soon!!! Hope these ideas have helped some! :D