Monday, November 12, 2012

Make Your Home a Haven

Do any of you follow Courtney over at Women Living Well? I found her blog several years ago and it was one of the first Christian woman/mom blogs I started reading. It is still one of my favorites today. I love how Courtney has a such a heart for her family and home and she gives lots of practical advice for homemaking. And even more, Courtney loves the Word of God and she shares practically how to study and learn from the Bible.

All of this to say, Courtney has been doing a challenge over at her blog called, Making Your Home a Haven. She is sharing ways to make your home a peaceful and beautiful place for you and your family. I was sold on the concept immediately. Right now with three young kiddos, another one on the way, a dog, and a cat I wouldn't say "peaceful" is the first word I would use to describe our home right now!

The first week Courtney challenged us to light a candle in one of the main rooms in our house and have it burning all day. Not only does this look (and smell!) wonderful and peaceful but the candle is then used as a reminder to pray for peace in your home. I love this. I have been doing this everyday. I have my candle right in my kitchen. I blow it out if we go anywhere but as soon as we are back home I try to remember to light it again!


This week's challenge was to play soft music in your home. This is never something I have really done. However, I really want to give it a try! I found a classical Christmas station on Pandora and made breakfast this morning to instrumentals of my favorite Christmas songs.

This was huge change in the tone of my morning. I usually feel a little stressed in the morning (I am not naturally a morning person, I joke often that no one should even talk to me until I have had a cup of coffee) but this morning, honestly, I felt anything but stressed. The candle and soft music combined with the fireplace on and a yummy cup of coffee from my new Keurig started my day off right! What a huge improvement from cartoons on in the background and kiddos fighting over which show they want to watch!

It makes me wonder how often there are little things we can do to make our home a happier and more peaceful place for our families? Sometimes it takes a little more effort and thought beforehand to light candles, turn on music, etc. but what if it could turn around your entire day? I am willing to make a little extra effort!

What kinds of things do you do to make your home a little more of a haven?

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