Sunday, November 4, 2012

a month of {gratitude} day 4

Okay, today I am grateful for something I never thought I would be... our pets. I am not naturally an animal person. I don't gush over other people's pets or look at cute cat pictures on the internet for hours... I never thought we would have any pets. Well, almost a year ago Max started begging for a puppy and since I grew up always having dogs I gave in. Then last week we rescued our little cat from a parking lot..

I still wouldn't call myself a "pet person", but I am very thankful for our pets. Scout and Whiskers (even in the short week we have had him) really bring a lot of joy and love to our family. The kiddos love having them around and honestly, I do too. They really do add a lot of fun and snuggles to our family and I am thankful for them!

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