Thursday, November 15, 2012

month of {gratitude} day 15

Today's gratitude might sound a little silly to some people... but it isn't any less true! Today I am so thankful for resources like Pinterest and a few great food blogs that make meal planning and cooking for my family so much easier! Meal planning can be a little overwhelming for me sometimes, but online resources like these have been a huge game changer for me! 

I have worked my entire married life to attempt to overcome a bad fast food habit. There is just something so easy about grabbing quick (fairly inexpensive) food and being able to throw all of the trash away... a family with full tummies and the kitchen is still all sparkly, how do you compete with that?? 

BUT... I know that it is so terrible for my family health wise and that it really isn't as easy on the wallet as it appears at first glance. So, I have really tried to make sure we are eating at home most of the time and success in that area for me has meant that I have to have a meal plan. I think I have tried every possible method out there. But, I always come back to the old pen and paper... write out one to two weeks of meals method. It is so easy now that I can just scroll through Pinterest and pick out a handful of meals with the recipes only a click away to make a quick grocery list! 

I tell ya, me and Pinterest... love at first sight! Are there any super practical things you are grateful for today?

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  1. Paper towels!! I had to clean up 3 big messes in the span of 5 minutes during lunch today - cottage cheese, spilled-on-purpose apple juice, and baby food green beans. oi vey.