Tuesday, November 20, 2012

month of {gratitude} day 19 & 20

Wow, Thanksgiving is sure sneaking up on me this year! I can't believe we are only two days away! But with that, I also need to do two days of gratitude to catch up! So here we go...

I am grateful for God's provision. I feel like we have had a lot of random/unexpected/really not fun expenses come up lately. But, God has totally provided for those ahead of time and I am so thankful for that. It is such a humbling reminder that God does not owe us a single thing and yet he loves us so much that he chooses to make sure that we are cared for.

I am also grateful for my daughter, Sophie! In my world of boys (I am going to have 3 sons soon... oh my goodness doesn't that sound crazy?) I am so thankful for my little ray of girliness. Sophie is by far one of the most girly girls I have ever met. And trust me, it is not something I have tried to accomplish. If anything, I try to tone down all of the pink and dresses and baby dolls... but it is to no avail! She is just such a blessing to our family though because in the midst of all the sword fights, wrestling matches, and building pretend explosives out of Legos, there is this precious and feminine little girl who I think helps to mellow everyone out a little. She is still in the middle of every game her brothers play but she brings her own "element" to them. Aliens find an ally in a princess or Batman has to deal with Catwoman who also has 5 daughters that need to get home for nap time and be fed their bottles. I am so thankful that God knew just what our family needed and gave us our sweet, Sophie Nichole!

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